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Let's Stop Cruelty to Animals!

April has been proclaimed to be Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month by the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®. For those who aren’t entirely familiar about the ASPCA and what they do, this organization was the first ever humane society established in North America and is now the largest in the world. Founder Henry Bergh stated that their mission is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”

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Some people might think that there isn’t as much animal cruelty in today’s world as so much is blasted on social media making it hard for these criminals to stay in the shadows but that’s not necessarily true. No matter what or when, there will always be those who don’t see animals as the soulful, emotional beings that they really are and only see them as a form of cruel entertainment. There are many different forms of abuse and many different levels. Some examples are “Abuse can take place in different ways. A dog is kicked because he is barking too much. A house cat is forced to live outdoors as it missed the litter box by a few inches. Horses are whipped continuously just so the jockey can win a race. Bulls are made to fight against man, to prove who is mightier - man or beast…. Several dogs are kept together in poor conditions, just so that they keep producing puppies like a machine that can be sold off as purebred dogs; even well-known breeders are guilty of this crime.” (AnimalSake).

Photo Credit: ASPCA

In an article by AnimalSake animal cruelty “include passive cruelty and active cruelty. Passive cruelty involves cases of neglect. Here it is generally lack of action to prevent pain and suffering of the animal. Starvation, dehydration, improper shelter, etc. are types of passive cruelty. Active cruelty are malicious acts where the abuser intentionally harms the animal. The animal is beaten, whipped, burned and even branded by the abuser. Many times it leads to death of the animal. An animal can be tortured in various ways that includes the following barbarous and brutal ways of the soulless abusers.” Cruelty also comes in the form of exploitation and the punishment that revolves around that. This includes greyhounds being punished or even killed for not being fast enough.

Photo Credit: AnimalSake

Animal abuse and cruelty can also be an indicating factor of deeper, more troublesome personality disorders such as psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies which can eventually lead to violence towards humans. This is especially prevalent in young children and can predict their future.

While the prevention of animal cruelty should be practiced every day of the year, April is officially the recognized month for this cause encouraging people all over to help raise awareness. Throughout April, there are numerous ways to help that go along side with Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month. The following list is provided by the ASPCA:

  • Commemorate Dog Fighting Awareness Saturday, April 8, marks our annual National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. The ASPCA designated this day to further advance the conversation about dog fighting, and to encourage animal-lovers across the country to take action against this brutal form of cruelty. This year, you can add your voice to this cause by joining Sir Patrick Stewart for our Get Tough campaign: Sign our pledge and share your selfie!

  • Start Your Own Fundraising Campaign Join Team ASPCA and create a customized, personal fundraising page for an important event or furry friend in your life. Then, share your page with your friends and family! Whether you’re donating your birthday, honoring the memory of a beloved pet or getting active with Team ASPCA’s Virtual 5K, the money you raise could make a huge difference in the lives of animals in need.

  • Help a Horse To all the “neigh-sayers,” we haven’t forgotten about our equine friends! We’re gearing up for ASPCA Help a Horse Day on Wednesday, April 26. Join us in honoring our nation’s horses by supporting the ASPCA and your local horse rescue in the fight to end equine cruelty and neglect, or by attending a Help a Horse Day event in your community. The full list of Help a Horse Day events is coming soon, so be sure to check back!

Photo Credit: ASPCA

  • Show Your Support Online During April, use Your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter account or personal blog to spread the word about Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month—and be sure to tag us at @ASPCA in your posts! If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Do you know someone who participates in animal abuse in one-way or another? Does your brother-in-law kick the new puppy for barking? Is the neighbor starving their dog and leaving them to suffer in the elements? If you are aware of cruelty, abuse or neglect, speak up! Animals need our help and we need to be the voice for the voiceless. If you're in Los Angeles, they have now created a task force for animal cruelty. To contact them and report cruelty, call the Animal Cruelty Task Force (213) 486-0450 (24-hour notification hotline) or email at actf@lapd.lacity.org. For other cities, you can call your local SPCA or a tax-payer funded shelter (animal control). In cities that have neither within jurisdiction, the local police department or sheriff department can be contacted.

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