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How can You Keep Your Dog Entertained When Home Alone?

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There's nothing quite as embarrassing as coming home from work to a note from your neighbor that your dog was barking or whining ALL DAY at the window! Or when your couch is destroyed. This often results from a dog just being bored out of their mind and having nothing better to do. So how can you keep your pooch entertained when they're home alone? Well, we have solutions for you.

1. Puzzle toys are an easy way to keep your dog entertained while working their brain at the same time. Outward Hound has a large selection of puzzle toys for dogs of all sizes at different levels of difficulty!

Photo Credit: Outward Hound

2. Make your own interactive toys! It's super simple and there's a variety of ways to do it. Take the below photo for example. It's simply treats hidden under tennis balls in a muffin tin. Want to take it up a notch? Try it with Metro Balls®! Check out more DIY puzzle toys from The Animal Rescue Site.

Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Freeze a hollow toy with peanut butter inside. Try a SodaPup and just stuff it with peanutbutter and let it completely freeze. Then, your pup has hours of entertainment trying to lick it all out!

4. Watch them and talk to them through a camera. The market has a variety of cameras available for you to keep an eye on your pets and even talk to them! If you really want to invest, a select few high end ones offer the ability to toss your pet a treat. It'll be like you never left!

5. Turn on the TV. Some dogs are completely fine just chilling and watching their favorite soap opera or Animal Planet show during the day. The sound can also drown out outside noises that night cause your dog to go nuts at the window or door.

Photo Credit: DogTV

6. Tire them out with a walk. A tired dog is less likely to make a giant fuss as they are more likely to just want to sleep! Try a brisk 30 minute walk or fetch session before you leave for multiple hours at a time.

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos © vvvita

Do you have any tips or tricks to keep your dog entertained at home? Shoot us a message and let us know!


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