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Find a Stray? Now What?

Imagine just walking along your neighborhood, minding your own business and all of a sudden, a little fluffy dog appears out of no where, roaming in the middle of the street by himself. You peer up and down the street and there seems to be no other human soul in sight, so now what? Well congrats! You found yourself a stray dog. If you're like most people, you aren't going to be equipped with a slip leash and treats but don't fret!

You first need to gain his trust if he seems skittish. But how do you do that?

  • Get down on their level

  • But give them their personal space

  • Let them come to you

  • Understand their body language

  • If they have a collar, use that to get them to your car if they let you

  • Overall, be patient!

  • If the dog doesn't leave, you can go get food of any kind to help lure them

Photo Credit: ViraScoop

Ok, so now the dog is in your car, but now what???

  • No tags? First stop, local vet! They'll scan for a chip for free

  • A vet will also tell you their age and give them a quick look over

No chip? So now what?

  • Option 1:

  • Find a foster or foster yourself

  • Inform the shelter of the dog

  • Dog will receive an ID # so if an owner is looking, the dog will be in the system

  • You need to look for an owner for 2 weeks by law depending on where you live

  • Utilize online tools such as Craigslist, Facebook and lost dog websites

  • Option 2:

  • Take the dog to the shelter

  • It doesn't seem ideal but dogs are on a stray hold for a period of time

  • Contact a local rescue and ask them to pull the dog once the stray hold is up

Finding a stray dog is always an ordeal but you can make it easier. Don't stress and if you don't feel safe trying to get a dog, DON'T DO IT! Don't risk being bit by a dog who might not have his shots. Always call animal control and inform them of a loose dog so they can try to catch him if you can't.

Photo Credit: Metro Paws®

We are always finding strays here at Metro Paws®. Let's take a look at Harry! Harry was found by our founder, Jon, a block away from our warehouse. Harry was pretty simple since he let Jon pick him up and bring him back to the warehouse. Here, Harry settled in pretty quickly. Jon and Megan fostered him after informing the South LA shelter of him while searching for an owner. Harry was neutered, vetted, groomed and eventually put up for adoption after months of no one stepping up. Now Harry has a new family with Jon and Megan's friends so he gets to stay apart of the pack!

Photo Credit: Metro Paws®

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