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Can You Help Your Dogs Tolerate Baths?

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We've all been there...the dog rolls around in some mud or finds a nice, stinky pile of who knows what to roll around it and suddenly it's bath time. But have you ever tried getting a 50+ lb dog into a tub or shower when they really don't want to?? Cue temper tantrum. But it doesn't' have to be that way! So how exactly?

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1. Wear them out with a walk

A tired dog is often a compliant dog. When it's bath time, a long walk or even fetch in the yard can wear them out enough to go along with whatever you're asking them to do or at least just not put up as much of a fight.

2. Distract them with a toy or treat

Whether it's a Metro Ball® floating in the water, a lick mat with peanut butter, or some snacks on the edge of the tub, this can help keep your pup's mind on something else and not the absolute horror of being bathed!

Photo: Metro Paws®

3. Use a lower water pressure and warm water

Coldwater can make your dog panic. That, combined with high water pressure can easily scare them. Be sure to use warm (but not hot) water and lower the pressure. Make it a pleasant experience from start to finish.

4. Reward them as they stay still

Just like with any kind of training, reward your dog the more they stay still and let you bathe them. They will start associating bath time with treats!

5. For minor dirtiness, try using Metro Wipes® Charcoal Peppermint

These make a pawesome alternatives to bath time if they are only slightly dirty or smelly. The charcoal helps pull impurities out from the skin and fur while the peppermint leaves them smelling minty fresh!

If your dog turns into a screaming banshee no matter what you do, it might be just time for a trip to the groomers!

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