• Cierra Voelkl

4 Paws Up for CBD Oil!

As the world is constantly modernizing and finding the benefits of hollistic approaches to medical ailments, one of the top revolutionary finds has been the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) for dogs! To get one thing straight, CBD is found in cannabis plants BUT has absolutely no hallucinogenic effects like its counterpart, THC. CBD simply creates a calming effect and pain-relieving sensations.

Here are some of the most common uses of CBD oil:

  • Treatment of epilepsy and seizures

  • Relieving chronic pain and arthritis

  • Reducing Anxiety

  • Boosting Appetite

  • Preventing Cancer

  • Helps all different types of diseases

So what's the difference between CBD and the mary-jane? Well, that's easy. CBD comes from the hemp part of the plant. And if hemp sounds familiar to you, it's because it's used to make clothing and more. Marijuana is the actual bud of the cannabis plant which contains THC which results in the psychoactive effect. Marijuana should NEVER be given to any animal under any circumstances. If ingested, please get them to an emergency vet ASAP.

More and more companies are jumping on the CBD wagon and it's easier than ever to give it to your pooch. Originally, the only open was really straight CBD tincture oil which is pretty much disgusting. Now, there's everything from CBD treats, topicals and capsules. It's also easy to snag them as they are offered over the counter at most pet retail locations.

Has CBD helped your pet?? Let us know how!!!

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