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Learn How to Make Sure Your Pup Stays Warm in Cold Weather

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While some dogs can tolerate the cold more than others and more than we can, it's important to know how cold is too cold and how to keep dogs warmer in the winter months. A husky may thrive in the snow but a chihuahua might freeze to death. Our four legged family members might be covered in fur but while that gives them some protection, they still can freeze just like us. Here are some tips to make sure Fido stays warm:

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1. Bring them inside!! While some dogs are built for freezing temperatures, your Chihuahua sure isn’t. Leaving a dog like that out in the cold winter months at night is actually considered neglect. Huskies on the other hand will definitely survive and some actually love it and would prefer to be outside. So if your dog isn’t acclimated to cold climates naturally, they need to be inside, no exceptions.

Photo Credit: Pet Plan

2. For those whose dogs do stay outside whether it’s to protect livestock or whatever other reason, shelter is needed no matter the temperature but especially in the cold. They need a way to protect themselves from the element and keep the heat inside. Especially during rainy weather, a kennel with plastic strips is essential.

Photo Credit: My First Shiba

3. Again, if your dog HAS to be outside, give them the option of being raised off the ground as the ground can suck up a lot of heat. This can be any from a kuranda bed or wooden pallet with blankets.

Photo Credit: Korrect Kritters

4. Our favorite thing in the world: doggie jackets! Yes, we all love to dress up our pets but sometimes, there’s actually a benefit to it. During colder weather, putting them in a nice, knit jacket or puffer jacket could really help keep their body temperature up, especially for the little ones who get cold easily. Also, adding booties for winter walks in the snow also prevents burns from salt and antifreeze! (It helps that it's absolutely adorable as well)

Photo Credit: @IggyJoey

Have more tips? Leave them in the comments below! We would love to hear how you are keeping your pooch warm!


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